M.C. Davis Gathering Place

This room is named in honor of dedicated conservationist M.C. Davis.


















This building can hold 250+ people at one time, but our daily numbers are much smaller. In order to control the temperature more efficiently, we have installed these clear garage doors. The doors shut off the MC Davis Gathering Place which is equipped with its own easily adjustable thermostat and  lighting fixtures. Spaces outside of this room are automatically controlled according to outdoor and indoor temperatures, and the lighting provided by our solar tubes and windows. Of course, heating and cooling are adjusted in the evening and  other times when the building isn’t occupied to save as much energy as possible.







Notice all of the beautiful hardwood in this building? It was made possible thanks to an anonymous retired woodworker in Wayne County! Native Indiana trees from his property had been harvested years ago and dried in his barn. Cabinets, trim, partitions, and furniture were all made possible by this incredibly generous donation. See the small pinholes in some of the boards? These were made by a variety of insects commonly referred to as “powderpost beetles”. Eventually, these insects can turn wood into a pile of dust. The donated wood became a part of this building’s story instead! See if you can identify what type of tree is featured in each room! Need help? Ask a staff member!

Made possible by an anonymous gift of lumber and by a gift from Duane & Lavona Bane.







“Wood” you like to know more about the lumber used in this project? All of the wood in this building was either donated, grown on our property, or is FSC certified. This is an LBC requirement but one met with enthusiasm. FSC stands for “Forest Stewardship Council”, a non-profit group of conservationists that ensures the wood is harvested responsibly. FSC’s motto is “Forests For All Forever”- words CEC can definitely get behind!

FSC certified wood made possible by a gift from Len & Mary Jo Clark in memory of Andrew Clark.











Feeling cozy? Thank Knauf Insulation! This building is lined with a hefty amount of Ecobatt Insulation in order to better control the temperature. With increased insulation, the temperature inside the building is less affected by the elements, therefore using less energy to heat and cool. If you look at the ceiling, you’ll see another Knauf product. This brown acoustical board helps dampen the sound from the cement floors making it easier to educate a room full of excited children!











This space is truly “people-proofed”! Our systems run on timers and light sensors, so even if we slip up and leave the lights on when we leave, the building is smart enough to shut them off. This ensures that not a single watt of energy is wasted in this building which helps us reach our goal of becoming net-zero (not using any more energy than we can produce). The heating and cooling works the same way- efficiency matters!

Smart comfort made possible by a gift from Wayne Bank and Trust Co.