The Get Outside Challenge takes place during September to November.

This 10-week initiative aims to challenge our community to spend more time being active outside! This challenge is for anyone and everyone who wants to become healthier and happier in the great outdoors this fall. Plus, there are prizes!

This challenge has two focus areas depending on your age. Click the links for more information.

Q: Why participate in this challenge?

A: Many of us opt to stay indoors as it gets colder outside – often leading to decreased levels of physical activity, more screen time, a decrease in mental health, and a lost connection to nature! CEC wants to promote fun, healthy activities for our community. Are you spending enough time outside?
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There are also other benefits to participating in Hike Yourself Healthy and Get Outside – Play! for the Get Outside Challenge.

  • For Hike Yourself Healthy participants, we are encouraging businesses, friends, and families to get together in groups to go head-to-head in a weekly challenge! At the end of the Get Outside Challenge, the largest group and the smallest group (min. 3), with the most average hours spent outdoors per week will receive a personalized Night Hike at CEC with our Program Coordinator, Stephanie McCurdy!
  • For Get Outside -Play! participants, hours spent outdoors can be tracked on our Get Outside – Play! coloring sheets available for download here or available in print at CEC. For every ten hours spent outdoors, youth participants can turn in their sheets at the CEC for prizes!

Start off the Fall season with a positive, healthy foot forward.
Cope Environmental Center challenges you to join in on a bit of friendly competition!

Q: When does the challenge take place?

A: September through November.

Q: Who can participate?

A: Our program is available to people of all ages and abilities who are wishing to lead a more active lifestyle.

Q: Where does this challenge take place?

A: Anywhere, as long as it is outside!  You are more than welcome to head over to CEC and
hike the trails or participate in our other programs and events, but outdoor activity at home, work, school, etc., counts too!

Q: How do you participate?

A: Just track your time spent exercising outdoors through our log book (provided below) and at CEC, located at 1730 Airport Rd. in Centerville, IN. If you are age 12 or younger, you can also track your hours by filling out this coloring sheet! After completing 10 hours or more, you can turn in your sheet at CEC for prizes!

Q: How are activities measured?

A: We measure our program not through the intensity of the activity but by the time spent doing it. Ten minutes of walking slowly or sprinting receive the same amount of recognition. By measuring participants’ progress in time instead of intensity, this challenge engages participants on their terms in regards to improving their fitness.

Upcoming Events at CEC that can help you towards your goal: To be Announced.

For people who are 13+ and participating in the Hike Yourself Healthy initiative, please sign up by completing the form below. After that, you can use the same form to continue logging minutes!



Thank you to our generous sponsors and in-kind donors! 


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