CEC Virtual Programming

Join us while we take part in social distancing with nature and wildlife activities that can take place at home in your backyard, in your local neighborhood, and in other self-guided nature spots!

Scroll through the below for engaging videos, activities, crafts, and resources that will inspire you to engage with the natural world around you!

Wild Wednesday
New video uploaded each week!

CEC Program & Volunteer Coordinator, Stephanie McCurdy, talks about some simple activities to keep active in nature!
CEC Program & Volunteer Coordinator, Stephanie McCurdy, initiates a nature investigation with guests, James and Morgan!

Printable Resources

Download our Color Along with CEC coloring page that contains information about local wildlife and take a moment to color their fur, feathers, and scales!

Click here to download the coloring page!

Did you know that butterflies go through multiple stages to become the colorful winged insects we are familiar with?

Print out this graphic on the left to color your own butterfly life cycle!

Print and cut out the butterfly outline on the right, paired with a cardboard tube, to make a 3D butterfly craft!

What kind of butterfly will you create? A monarch? A swallow-tail? Let your creativity take flight!

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